Thursday, March 5, 2015

Conventions are better than Christmas.

Conventions have been around for years.  The conventions I’m talking about ,are all things  to do with pop culture as annoying as that term can be, you know what I’m talking about .

It can be at times a love/ hate relationship and like most things in this modern world they aren’t what they used to be. This fact can be greeted with “thank god for that” or” I wish they were “.

Everybody has a perception about what makes a great convention and not everyone will be happy, but as long as most of us continue to frequent them and support them with our hard earned dollars I’m sure they will live long and prosper (rip Leonard Nimoy).

The more popular an event gets the more crowded it gets. Longer ques for everything and things end up enviably costing more because they can.

You ask yourself why do I walk around all day running from one panel to another , standing in this long queue for lunch and then another to meet my favourite celebrity?. If you have to ask yourself that, then I can’t help you. It’s because you love it and everything great didn’t happen without at least a little bit of pain.

So as much as we despise those q’s and extra bumps, sneezes and patches of grass to sit down on, the con must go on and it will .

We shall love it because more people equals more costume’s to photograph, more people to meet and greet, more great inventions or stall holders to feed our passion for collecting. It’s the excitement of knowing out of your dreary 9-5 day they is something exciting to look forward to each year and no its not Christmas because conventions are better than Christmas .


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Armageddon Melbourne 2014

Armageddon Expo is always a great place to catch up with friends . I noticed the food department is growing and very popular and gives people a bit more choice I think the potato swirls were a great hit .The costumes this year were more varied and good to see some new ones . Please enjoy our photos.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linda Blair in Melbourne

Linda Blair was down in Melbourne as part of the Monster Fest.
She has been a very busy lady while in Australia,with media interviews and meets and greets.
She was at the Minotour book shop from 11-2 ,but keept greeting fans  till 4pm to see all fans who came to see her.
She spent time with everyone and was a very nice lady to meet.
Her Autographs were a great price .
She then went on to do a  special meet and greet at Cinema nova before the show, before coming onstage to introduce the Movie "The exorcist".
She spent about 30 mins talking about the movie her career and gave a great insight into her part in the movie and her aspect on life and how she approaches struggles that arrive.
The movie was scheduled to start at 7 and it started at 8pm .Noone I would think would mind as to have more time with the lovely Linda Blair onstage.
She then went onto do more meet and greets after the movie .It was a long and busy day for Linda and we are very grateful that she spent the whole day with fans ,she must of been very tied by the end of it all

 as I know I was by the time I got home .

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nichelle Nichols and Erin grey in melbourne

Today in Melbourne was a typical day in some ways. The sun was shining one minute then rain then sun then who knows? It may have been typical weather for Melbourne, but it was not a typical day for Melbourne for  being graced with the presence of two lovely ladies of Sci fi Erin grey and Nichelle Nichols.
They were in Melbourne this weekend for a convention run by First contact conventions .They greeted their eager fans and took photos with them and signed autographs. Nichelle Nichols whilst taking photos with her fans greeted everyone with a smile and shook their hands.
Nichelle Nichols was a delight onstage and even burst into song near the end of her Q&A , much to the delight of everyone ,ending with much applause.
Nichelle Nichols spoke about meeting Obama and how big a star trek fan he is .
I also whilst getting my autograph asked her about the lovely necklace she was wearing on the day. She told me she was signing autographs one day at a convention and she asked a fan who was wearing it where did she get it . She was told it was a one of as she had made it herself. She then the next day was presented it as a gift left to her by this fan to her room delivered. I asked nichelle how long ago and she said about 10 years ago .Now this necklace is quite special to her and a few fans and I were talking about if she only wears it to conventions and it seems she does ,but she also wore it when she meet Obama.  So dear fan who made the necklace if you read this feel free to message me and tell me your story to the necklace I would love to hear it .

Erin grey was also a delight on stage full of whit and character and gave a delightful story about how she got the role in buck rogers . She was tiered and in need of a good dump ,in her own words !and this made her more cranky than the other lovely ladies on the day , but being told this is what the producers were after and thus helped her win the role .
So that being said, both ladies told a story of be yourself and you will succeed. With that said they were fun to be around for a day in Melbourne at the ladies of sci fi convention.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oz Comic Con melbourne 2013

Oz Comic Con  2013

Held in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition building 5th and 6th July

What is Oz Comic Con .? How would you describe it to someone who has never been ? OZ Comic con is a place for those who want to make their dreams come true. I know sounds a bit Dramatic ,but it is true for many  .Oz Comic con had a fantastic line up of celebrities and meeting William Shatner star of  Boston legal & star trek for the first time  is a fans Ultimate  big moment. How about getting to shwing with Tia carrere (Cassandra) from “Wayne’s world “ what another  legendary moment.

The weekend  was filled with something for everyone . There are people who  go to meet friends and show of  their new costumes they have been busy working on all year . People who want to spend  up big and go home with games dvds comics and art work. Speaking of art work , the artists are very popular and first point of call for many attending Oz comic con . Whatever you fancy you will be sure to have a full day and great value for general entry fee of $22.

This year they had the amazing cars from fast and furious. They had a 1968 RS/SS pro touring Camaro featuring in fast and furious 2&4 also a GTR similar to the ones in fast and furious.

A professional photographer was on hand  taking photos of those who wanted their photo taken with the cars and posted on Facebook , a fantastic idea, looking forward to seeing something similar like this next year .

A great addition this year was the laser tag in a giant inflated dome. A brilliant idea to keep big  and Little kids happy.

There was plenty of room to move about, this was great so there could be plenty of opportunities to take photos of all the wonderful costumes . The costumers are a big part of Oz Comic con and the day would be a little less colourful without them there . More photos are on our Facebook for you to enjoy . All photos by YOUBEAUTIENEWS


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

William Shater comming back to Melbourne appearing at OZ Comic Con 6-7th July

William Shatner is coming back to town. Don't say no one told you cause we just did !
Visit for more information and LIKE our facebook page for updates and photos from this event .

Nice video from channel ten of the Oz Comic Con in march

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ricky martin at Southland westfield melbourne 11/5/2013

Today Ricky Martin was at Southland from 12-2.10pm in Melbourne
For more photos  fans and Ricky visit our facebook

He was on time and so very happy to greet all his fans.

One of the first people to be in the line about number 10 got there at 6am in the morning to get the privilege of prime position and guaranteed autograph and photo with Ricky martin.


The system was ,400 wristbands given out and after that it was just if Ricky was able to stay longer he would meet people who did not have a wristband. From what I had heard Ricky had more commitments so he needed to be at so probably wouldn’t be able to go over time by to much.

He  did commit to seeing everyone who had a wristband .This system was to avoid arguments and problems in the crowd with queue jumpers , at these types of events it’s a regular accordance for people to jump queues  and its just not fair if someone made the effort to get there at 6am in the morning and they turn up at 11am.This is one of the first times I have come across an event like this with a number system and I think it should be done more often .

This still didn’t stop many people making up stories about losing wristbands of getting there early but no one ever gave them a wristband. Police where there also to help and there were no major scuffles only a few stubborn young girls who would leave when they were asked to go to the back of the queue when they pushed in .


So back to Ricky Martin.

He was a Gentleman to every fan that he meet and touched smiled and shook hands with many .He looked fine and fresh considering he only just got of the plane from Sydney around 9am .

Ricky did a small q and a before he signed .He also took the time to sign autographs for disabled people who had been waiting there to see him patiently.

He may tour later this year Melbourne oct nov.