Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Supannova 2012 A guide to survive !

1. Plan your day , plan what your going for and then start from the most
important thing you want to do so you dont miss out .
2. Get there early to avoid dissapointment if you want to get
Autographs/photos with the stars. The qs get bigger every year so be prepared
and make friends while waiting . If you are going Gen ticket , first you need to
q up to get inside then pay your entry fee then go find your q to buy your
tokens to get your autos . Then you may need to q up again to get that auto .
Depends on what you want to do as the stars are there throughout the day ,but
you may not want to be stading in a q if you want to see a certain panel . So
work out what pannel and what autos you want . Prepare to know you could be
standing in a q for more than 30mins.
3.Plan your food or drink , If you take you own then you :A .you won’t have
to leave what your doing to go buy the food or drink ,B .you won’t have to pay
$$ for food that may be better spent on that new cd you want . C .you know what
your eating and drinking and its what you like !
and dont drink the coffee there blah ekk stuff
4.If you are taking kids the above 3 rules apply ,but remember not all kids
will think supanova is awesome depending on thier age and they may winge!
Supanova can get boring for some kids with all the qs , so plan to go see that
star they want to see or you want and maybe not try to see everything .Take
plenty of things to amuse them with , that they love.
5.Dont winge (or not to much) I know it gets hard there can be alot to winge
about ,but at same time it wont get you to the front of the line and it wont get
you that token you missed out on . Try to sit back and say ah dont worry im here
to be happy , pull out your phone push the buttons .
I feel alot happier if i distract my self from a moment that isn’t fun than
winge about it . I must say im still working on this one , but the end result
will give you inner peace !
6.Bring some cash sometimes its easier!

7. Ask people if you can take thier photo of them in cosplay , they will
happily pose thats what they want people to take thier photos , They have put so
much time and effort into the costume they love it that you love it also . But
dont ask them when they are eating , !

8. If you are going in cosplay , and its a really uncomfortable costume
suffer for your costume happily , because you love it , but if you need to be
comfortable plan your costume to be also comfortable to wear all day , and will
it be a awesome costume to wear with your favourite star !
9.Bring a fully charged camera and then bring a spare battery. Bring a pen so
you can write down all those emails and links from the new friends you make.
10. Write your name /phone number on eveything you love just incase you lose
it your bag your folder of photos ,your child! and have fun .

Supanova cosplay melbourne 2010

YBNews will be at supanova 2012 to get photos of your awesome costumes.

Supanova Melbourne 2012 Wil Wheaton to make an appearance

Supanova is here again ! Mebourne 2012 More information at thier web page
Its time for everyone to get your cameras ready , stick on your spock ears and drool over your favourite stars. No self respecting nerd should miss Supanova where they have something for everyone who is into all things pop culture .
Wil Wheaton, star trek , big bang theory
Summer glau,
Oliver and james ,Phelps harry potter
Jaimie alexander,
Peter Facinelli , twilight
Morena baccarin , v and stargate
edward james olmos
Elisabeth rohm
Chandler riggs ,walking dead
jim Kelly ,
Rainbow Francks ,
Clliff simon , stargate
Be sure to visit our facebook for photos you may find yourself in ,please tag yourself and share https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.184044301632057.17085.114877298548758&type=3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aqua Tour melbourne 2012 photos

Where : Palace Theatre Melbourne australia 13/3/2012
Aqua onstage 10.40
Aqua Aqua Aqua was the chant for the band before they came onstage . The crowd went wild for Aqua as they came out and they belted out a mix of their old and new hits, including I'm a barbie girl near the end of the show . Aqua are still as sexy and hot as ever and command a crowd just like they did in the 90s.
After the show Aqua came out after the show to meet and greet fans taking photos and autographs .
Song list :
Playmate to jesus
Cartoon heros
Doctor jones
Fuck me like a robot
Happy boys and girls
My mamma said
How ru doing
Sucker for a superstar
My oh my
Viva las vagas
No party patrol
Turn back time
Barbie girl
Around the world
We belong to the sea

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aqua Tour Australia 2012

Tour Dates

Melbourne Palace Theatre tues 13th
Melbourne Palace Theatre thurs 15th

Sydney The Hi Fi Fri 16th
Sydney The Hi Fi Sat 17th

melbourne Palce Theatre Wed 21st
Ybnews will be posting photos here www.facebook.com/youbeautie and www.youbeautie Fan photos included ,so be sure to come back and you might find yourself here in the crowd at The melbourne Aqua gig,13th

Dita Von teese Von Follies L'Oreal Fashion show

Dita Von Teese was the star of the show for her Von follies collection ,that is to be sold at target. The Von follies range of underwear is glamorous and practical with their wide shoulder straps and comfy panties . Dita made her way down the runway with style and grace. The crowds cheered as the hand picked models by Dita Von teese herself walked out looking stunning in their Von follies .Dita Von teese wanted models with curves to be a part of her fashion show and her choice of models and the designs in her collection were well received by the crowds .

Dita von teese von Follies L'Oreal mebourne fashion show