Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear V-line no one wants to bare thier bum on the V-line train.

Dear V line

During the school holidays on a lovely trip to see my mother with my two children for Easter we were astounded at the events that unfolded on the v line train. Let me put it like this we saw, two Vaginas and a bottom on the V-line train.

V-line put the v in vagina on the weekend .Like something out of a hidden camera show or an old Carry on movie modesty was lost on the v line train and embarrassment was the word of the day for two unfortunate young girls and those who had to witness the spectacle.

My own eyes saw a lady enter the toilets and at the time I didn’t know the system of lights on or lights off for occupied .I then saw a young man come along and press the button to open the door to the toilet. To gasps and horror down the whole train that had a full view of the toilet door, it opened where a lady was seen jumping from the toilet and franticly trying to close the door. The young man stood there in shook, before running away.

Then not even 10 minutes later another young woman entered the toilet as I thought “god I hope that wouldn’t happen again”. As I turned away and looked back a young woman with her face in her phone was at the toilet door and pushed the button to open the door again. To everyone’s shock the door opened revealing another lady jumping from the toilet and trying to close the door .The lady on the phone waited outside laughing and then entered the toilet.

By this time I noticed when the light is off the door is locked from the inside not merely just closed. The lady who just entered hadn’t locked the door .Thankfully no one came by again and no one else was embarrassed.

 This leads to the question why? Why does the door not automatically lock when closed? Why is there a system that you need to press a second button whilst inside to lock the door. Once inside there is a big sign on the door that reads, please lock the door to avoid embarrassment. This sign obviously is not working.

V-line may I suggest two ways to fix the problem. Place a sign on the outside of the door , so it can be seen before entering , or change the whole system that the door is also locked once closed .

Clearly this is a mayor problem and I’m sure as it happened in the time frame that I was on the train it has happened many times before.

How many complaint letters have you received so far?.

Please explain.


Concerned citizen for the modesty of v-line train toilet users


To the commuters that travel on the v line please remember Press lock ,to avoid embarrassment and write to v line also ,your modesty shouldn’t have to be put at risk .


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