Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linda Blair in Melbourne

Linda Blair was down in Melbourne as part of the Monster Fest.
She has been a very busy lady while in Australia,with media interviews and meets and greets.
She was at the Minotour book shop from 11-2 ,but keept greeting fans  till 4pm to see all fans who came to see her.
She spent time with everyone and was a very nice lady to meet.
Her Autographs were a great price .
She then went on to do a  special meet and greet at Cinema nova before the show, before coming onstage to introduce the Movie "The exorcist".
She spent about 30 mins talking about the movie her career and gave a great insight into her part in the movie and her aspect on life and how she approaches struggles that arrive.
The movie was scheduled to start at 7 and it started at 8pm .Noone I would think would mind as to have more time with the lovely Linda Blair onstage.
She then went onto do more meet and greets after the movie .It was a long and busy day for Linda and we are very grateful that she spent the whole day with fans ,she must of been very tied by the end of it all

 as I know I was by the time I got home .

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