Thursday, March 5, 2015

Conventions are better than Christmas.

Conventions have been around for years.  The conventions I’m talking about ,are all things  to do with pop culture as annoying as that term can be, you know what I’m talking about .

It can be at times a love/ hate relationship and like most things in this modern world they aren’t what they used to be. This fact can be greeted with “thank god for that” or” I wish they were “.

Everybody has a perception about what makes a great convention and not everyone will be happy, but as long as most of us continue to frequent them and support them with our hard earned dollars I’m sure they will live long and prosper (rip Leonard Nimoy).

The more popular an event gets the more crowded it gets. Longer ques for everything and things end up enviably costing more because they can.

You ask yourself why do I walk around all day running from one panel to another , standing in this long queue for lunch and then another to meet my favourite celebrity?. If you have to ask yourself that, then I can’t help you. It’s because you love it and everything great didn’t happen without at least a little bit of pain.

So as much as we despise those q’s and extra bumps, sneezes and patches of grass to sit down on, the con must go on and it will .

We shall love it because more people equals more costume’s to photograph, more people to meet and greet, more great inventions or stall holders to feed our passion for collecting. It’s the excitement of knowing out of your dreary 9-5 day they is something exciting to look forward to each year and no its not Christmas because conventions are better than Christmas .


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