Monday, January 9, 2012

A Free day in the City

Well almost free

With three kids

School holidays and some people may cringe at the thought of how they shall amuse the kids? I think about how I may amuse myself and the kids . Its always great fun to use the excuse that im here for the kids, but truthfully I do enjoy the activities as much as they do (minus the sister fights they have over who gets what seat and similar ect ect ).

Today was a lovely day in the city of Melbourne and we packed a full day of activates in.

.Acmi Screen worlds Cost $free

Kids in the studio $ free
I had lots of fun doing this see the video !

Hosier lane graffiti wall Photo opp

Federation square $free for tight wads $1-5 at least for those who don’t mind a good street act,. Great Street act .They normally ask for at least $5 if you watch the whole show, fair enough the bloke we saw today was funny and had a bit of adult humor ,not too shocking maybe for some in public ,but anyway see the video I thought he was funny .

The art gallery $free

Lunch on the deck chairs at fed square .With a pre packed lunch so was free! (kinda as I had bought it another day :) )

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