Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stan Lee in Melbourne at Oz Comic con 2012

Stanley Martin Lieber
(born December 28, 1922), better known by the name Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and the former president and chairman of marvel comics.
Stan Lee was at Oz Comic con this weekend in Melbourne Australia. The room was at full capacity with everyone wanting to get a glimpse of Stan Lee and what he had to say .

He spoke about how he created the idea of Spiderman and was told Spiderman will never work ,no one likes spiders , nor hear about a week teenage boy as a hero. Yet after the first week of record sales ,he knew there was going to be allot more to be told about the Adventures of Spiderman.

He was asked many questions by fans one as young as 5 ,who asked” Who is your favourite character” ? To that he replied "All of them I created them so they are all my favourite ", with a big smile and chuckle .”

Stan Lee had a bit of a stumble and fall as he left the stage and like the true hero he is to his fans , got straight back up and appeared to be unhurt going on to sign 100′s of Autographs.

Oz Comic con melbourne 2012

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2012

Oz comic cons doors opened at 9am and with it a surge of fans were eagerly entering after waiting in a long line that snaked its way around the Melbourne Exhibition venue all the way down to the Pollywoodside. Once inside people would line up to purchase their tokens that would enable them to get a photo or autograph with Stan lee or one of the many other stars that were at Oz comic con this weekend. Such was the demand for a photo with Stan lee and Patrick Stewart that they sold out by 9.30am and even those with VIP passes missed out on photo opps .

One lady with her young family in hand that we interviewed had spent 22 hours on the train non stop to meet her Idol Stan lee. She purchased a VIP ticket worth $150 and was heartbroken to of missed out on getting the photo opp with Stan lee . A VIP ticket holder enables the user to be able to stand in a smaller line than gen ticket holders , Platinum holders the one above VIP who have spent $600 for the privilege get to be in front of the VIP holders.

It was reported that doors Saturday were shut by 10am and 11am Sunday due to the venue reaching full capacity and being unsafe for further customers to enter. Leaving customers with pre purchased tickets unable to enter.

Stan lee was a hit with adoring fans and received a standing ovation after his question time .Stan lee fell over when leaving the stage after his talk ,but still went on to sign Autographs for 3hours non stop for fans.

It was a Delight at Oz comic con to see everyone’s costumes ,that they had spent lots of money and time putting together .Thank you to everyone in costume for your time and efforts that made it such a colourful and visual experience.

Lady Gaga Concert Melbourne 28th

Lady Gaga Concert 28th June 2012

Thursady was not as hard as wed night gig to get a ticket into the Monster pit if you got there by at least mid afternoon. We arrived midday and there was around 200 people there . It then took till around 4.30 before they got to the 450 number allowed in the pit . People were  in rows of 90. When it came time to enter the venue they were allowed in each row at a time into one long line that would go then into the monster pit . In this moment some people did end up further back the line. The pit was brilliant and not overcrowded at all . Lady Gaga was amazing onstage and no mishaps at all. Lady Gaga picked a group of  happy people dancing with much enthusiasm from the crowd to see her backstage .Some of the people had been following her Australian tour and had seen her already many times, but they helped other monsters get to see her so it would of been a great moment for all .

Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Beautie news is having a cosplay photo competition.


We will be at Oz Comic con on the 30th and 1st of July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre taking photos of you . We love to see all your wonderful costumes and take your photo.

We will hand you a card with a link to our facebook page there you can see your photo on our page
and your friends can like your photo , the most votes win . There will be three prize places to be won . 1st and 2nd determined by people votes and third prize by our guest Judge Robert Llyod . You may also add your own photo of you to our page and we will add it to our gallery for votes . Please don’t add your photo if we have already taken your photo.The last day you can add your photo is the 2nd .

The prizes are a Walking dead t shirt ,poster and badge ,A surprise gift so far from Gifts from the geek and a  gift card from You beautie.More prizes to be announced soon .

Thankyou to our sponsors Fx Channel 123

 Gifts for the geek

 and our guest Judge Robert Lloyd star of

Melbourne will be the host to a grand new event Oz comic con.

Information below can be found at

IMAX to be a big-screen hero at Oz Comic-con

IMAX Oz Comic-Con 1
IMAX staff Glenn Solomons and Edon Polley will be enthusiastic representatives for the big screen at the first ever Oz Comic-Con
Image: IMAX Melbourne Museum
Source: Museum Victoria
Media contact: Rachel Misitano

Museum Victoria's IMAX Melbourne is heading to Oz Comic-Con, to take part in its first ever tour to Australia. Recognised as the world's leading pop-culture and fan expo, Oz Comic-Con expects to attract over 18,000 people to its Melbourne show.
"Nothing beats the big-screen experience when it comes to superhero movies," said IMAX Melbourne Museum Manager, Richard Morrison. "Comic-Con is a great opportunity for us to be part of an iconic fan-boy event and speak directly to our target market."
IMAX customer service staff and comic-mad enthusiasts Glenn Solomons and Edon Polley will be heading to the highly anticipated comic event to represent IMAX Melbourne Museum.
"We are very excited to be part of Oz Comic-con and cannot wait to talk to the everyone about our upcoming blockbusters, including The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises and the Dark Knight trilogy event," said Solomons.
According to Oz Comic-con, the event is expected to draw 100 exhibits, and pump about $2 million into the Victorian economy. Oz Comic-con runs 30 June to 1 July.
Museum Victoria Public Relations contact:
Rachel Misitano, 8341 7489 / 0403 600 736
For all general public enquiries, contact the museum's Discovery Centre

For more information

Oz Comic Con Melbourne Dates 30th june and 1st july



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prometheus 3D
length 124 mins

The cast

Noomi Rapace  a scientist named " Elizabeth Shaw" on the expidition to the Alien world.

Michael "David", a robot synthetic (a main character) on board the Prometheus

Charlize  "Vickers" in Prometheus, a company rep joining the team.
Michael Fassbender ... David
Charlize Theron ... Meredith Vickers
Noomi Rapace ... Elizabeth Shaw
Patrick Wilson ... Cocooned man
Idris Elba ... Captain Janek
Guy Pearce ... Stannison
Rafe Spall ... Milburn
Logan Marshall-Green ... Holloway
Rutina Wesley ... Lara
Sean Harris ... Fifield
Emun Elliott ... Chance
Kate Dickie ... Imora
Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik ... Mercenary 2 Vladimir
Benedict Wong ... Ravel
James Embree ... Mechanic 1
Lucy Hutchinson ... Young Elizabeth Shaw (uncredited)
Florian Robin ... Mechanic 2 (uncredited)
Shane Steyn ... Mercenary 4 Taplow (uncredited)

Prometheus in 3d was brilliant. The film started from the beginning and when you see the movie you will know what I mean by the beginning , without trying to give too much away about plot line.

Crashing waterfalls and sweeping camera angles over a raging river as we are taken up stream and to the top of a waterfall .Be prepared for what you will see at the top.

Going to the scene in the cave we see them discover the drawings that will take them to stars. Prometheus takes them to see the wonders of the universe  to find this place . They travel for 2 years in those pod things of course and are finally awoken when at their destination.

There were many moments that reminded me of Aliens and other sci fi movies .You may or may not agree when you see the movie but films such as were Star trek, Fifth element (costume design) and Avatar. There are some moments that are almost replicated in this prequel from Aliens. We see how the Aliens were created and why they were created .The movie was very fast paced and if you are quick you will pick up very quickly who is on board that ship and why .

This movie has plenty of action and some great gory Alien scenes that will satisfy most . It certainly had me peering through my fingers . Of course there are some questions that arise from being a prequel that happens when advances are made in film making .That the prequel technology in the film ends up looking more advanced and should in fact be less advanced . I think they get around this fact, that the ship Prometheus is is financed by a very wealthy benefactor and is a ship for exploration . In Aliens it is set on a mining station so would not be needing the same technology.

Prometheus is a film that is not just about the destination but the journey not only for the viewers but those on board the Prometheus .

I give Prometheus 9/10