Sunday, July 11, 2010

Killers LIVE Red Carpet Premiere and 13 mins of the film!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The community cup is true to to its name, its a great day out for anyone in the community. Around 10,000 Families, music lovers, footy fans or just those who want a good excuse to knock back a few coldies on a Sunday attended the community cup . If you went with the family at the back of the field was a tent for the kiddies to sit down and draw, while, im sure dad could join the queue for a beer. They certainly didn’t forget mans best friend either by providing a dog drink station, although just a few meters away I saw a muddy pooch was already enjoying his puddle drink instead.At $5 a head entry fee it was also great value to enter and enjoy the match and music for an entire day.
Kick starting onstage were syn free kick winners Money for rope then Little Freddie & the pops and The blackeyed susans. While they were onstage the Espy Rockdogs and the Megahertz were arriving in the change rooms ,while the lovely cheerleaders were nearby practicing their moves. The crowd was starting to get bigger but everyone was in great spirits relaxed and rather laid back while enjoying the music. The sun was shining and the weather looking great ,but the ground was starting to get pounded into a muddy pulp before the game had even kicked off.
The teams ran onto the field amongst their mascots of hot cheerlearders in fishnet stockings, a gorilla and tyranny cheer squad. Before the game the major had a coin toss followed by a minute silence.
Half time and a highlight of the day was the performance from the living end complete with the tranny cheer squad for the Rockdogs on stage in a hilarious show of men dancing on stage while playing Chris cheeny does his infamous guitar playing solo with a beer bottle. Although normally the centre of attention at this part of the show he was almost upstaged by men dressed in drag to steel the show for a few laughes. Chris cheeny totally lost his train of thought while being distracted on stage by the tyranny’s flashing their goods and he proclaimed in jest at the end of the piece to Scotty that the blonde one was his backstage after the show. The living end set played as How do we know, Second solution, Raise the alarm, Safe European, Tommy gun, Roll on, White noise, E boggie, London c .The theme of the day was the Clash and each band played a song from the Clash.
The match itself between the megahertz and the Rock dogs should be memorable with the 1 point win by DJ Stu Farrell kicking a goal on the siren to give his team a memorable win in only a few seconds to spare. Est in 1993 the community cup is a charitable event , raising funds for Reclink an organization that helps those that are most vulnerable ,isolated people - those experiencing mental illness, disability, homelessness, substance abuse, addictions, and social and economic hardship. .The past winners list since 2001 read as
2001 megahertz 2002 Rockdogs 2003 megahertz 2004 Rockdogs 2005 Mgahertz 2006 tied
2007 Rockdogs 2008 no match 2009 Rockdogs 2010 Megahertz.
Nick Barker & The Reptiles ended the day post match in full form .After the event most of the team members headed over to the ripon lea mansion for more post match relaxation and party drinks.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Titanic melbourne exhibiton

Titanic comes to Melbourne .The titanic exhibition is epic and outstanding due not to the fact of seeing a few rather plain bits and pieces from an old ship at the bottom of the sea, but made grand because it shows what we are most interested in : the human spirit. It cannot be seen but felt and that’s what the story of the titanic does to people .By brining the actual remnants of not only our past but our tragic past into arms length its like we are touching history and recapturing not only the glamour of the titanic and its people but the feelings that go along with tragic tales that somehow human nature has some morbid curiosity about.
The Melbourne titanic exhibition starts off as you walk though the recreation of one of the first class hallways, brining you out into the infamous stairway,there you are greeted with a staff member that gives you the opportunity to have a photo taken on the stairwell min 2 photos at a cost of $25.I was given the explanation that you aren’t allowed to take photos in the exhibition due to the flash photography degrading the artifacts, truly understandable, yet I don’t see how this would cause injury to a replica item .Thus must be a marketing ploy to gain a few extra dollars from their fellow patrons as no one im sure could pass up having a photo on the stairwell. A truly memorable moment that I think is also a historical point that much like the titanic passengers in their day paying a fortune so we are still doing 100 years on.
Once past the stairwell you are then amongst the artifacts and more replica scenes, due to the popularity of the exhibition it was rather crowded and at time exhausting trying to merely read a card referring to what the exhibit was .The written information is ever so important in an exhibition like this as it’s the story behind the item that gives it its wow factor. I would suggest to the promoters next time have more than one card in the display box. Seeing some of the items in such amazing cond was exciting to see and one item I thought amazing was a wooded makeup jar with its powder content still inside. It is said items such as paper and wood were keep in such condition if they were found in the owners leather bags. In the heart of the exhibition is a real large iceberg /ice block and the room is blue and cold to match. It was great to create the mood of what the people on the titanic would of felt. As you touch the cold ice block, I find out that sea water freezes colder than fresh water so as cold as the ice block was imagine being in water colder than that, one could see how drowning was defiantly not the only way to die that night yet mostly from hypothermia. I found the clothing was one of the most interesting parts of the exhibition and I noted how small the clothing was in stature of the people of these times.
I found the titanic to be a very visual and intriguing exhibition yet could of done more to put forward more interactive parts or shown a human portrayal video, rather than I suppose more about the ship itself as was shown in many short videos there . But as one can say don’t miss out on being as close to the titanic as you will ever be. As I gaze upon a piece of iron that was once the titanic I wonder if she also bought a few ghosts of her past back with her clinging on like barnacles and watching us also in wonder as to what we find so fascinating about a ship that sunk 100 years ago that became their eternal tomb.

Tim burton in melbourne

The Tim Burton exhibition on at acmi in Melbourne from june the 24th-7th of oct .Ticket prices full $19 Concession $14Family $55 (2 adults, 3 children) Each extra child $10Melbourne Winter Masterpieces joint ticket:Tim Burton (ACMI)/European Masters (NGV)Full $34 Concession $26.

The moment you step up to acmi you know you are in for a feast of visual amazement and a delectable taste inside burtons mind. Outside you are greeted by videos in red domes and a giant snake like creature, inside is the epic bat mobile .
The entrance into the exhibition if you dare is a monster mouth that will devour you down into the belly of Tim Burton. Even if your not inspired by the dark side or gothic delights in your everyday life you will be in awe of the detailed colorful artworks of Tim Burton .If your thinking about visiting the exhibition then don’t think twice as you wont be disappointed.Not only is the visual display impressive but the size and layout of the show. On display are many sculptures, paintings, drawings sketches, personal hand written notes and snippets of movies. Talk a walk through the black light environment of illusions. As you walk though the black light environment there are small holes to peep through to see art works and in the middle a nightmarish carrousel that is creepily intriguing.

If all this creativity inspires you or you have taken the little ones along you will find at the end of the exhibition is a colorful darkly light playroom with chairs and tables to sit down and draw your own inspired artworks. The Tim Burton exhibition has a huge amount of works to see and read and one could get lost in there for many hours or quite easily, go back more than once to see. It was great to see the corpse bride up close, and see catwoman’s suite that looks quite different to what you see on screen. As you leave the exhibition it will defiantly leave you feeling visually satisfied and also great value on the hip pockets.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the 4 ingredient girls with their 4 ingredient recipe books. Two women with no background in cooking yet had a great idea and self published their own cookbooks. They wanted to come up with a no fuss approach to cooking that would be simple and easy for everyday household mums with their ever increasing busy lifestyles. However simple you may consider their recipes you cant deny that they have sold millions of books and made an empire out of the 4-ingredient cookbook phenomenon. They are currently touring around shopping centers and promoting their recipes and books, you can find out more information about them here
Recently a 4 ingredient cooking show and book signing was held by Kim at fountain gate on the 5th June 2010. With the noted absence of Rachael due to the birth of her twins ;is the event as much a success with only one of the power ladies on the day. Regadles of this fact the woman of fountain gate stayed the 45min presentation and lined up eagerly afterwards to have their books signed by Kim .

kick ass hit girl cosplay batman supergirls guinness record prt3/3

Dc Comics to commentate their 75th birthday held a Guinness world record event in federation square Melbourne on the 29th may 2010 .
Superheroes started arriving early and even though it was lightly raining that didn’t stop the lycra clad lads and ladies from strutting their stuff and taking photos of each other. Their was plenty of supermen and woman, but I think the best costumes were the people who had stayed true to the movie version of their character and these were batman characters mainly that were out and about on the day and truly helped the whole vibe of the day. The day wasn’t just for little kids but big kids also to just for one day dress like a superhero and forget about their worries.