Saturday, June 5, 2010

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the 4 ingredient girls with their 4 ingredient recipe books. Two women with no background in cooking yet had a great idea and self published their own cookbooks. They wanted to come up with a no fuss approach to cooking that would be simple and easy for everyday household mums with their ever increasing busy lifestyles. However simple you may consider their recipes you cant deny that they have sold millions of books and made an empire out of the 4-ingredient cookbook phenomenon. They are currently touring around shopping centers and promoting their recipes and books, you can find out more information about them here
Recently a 4 ingredient cooking show and book signing was held by Kim at fountain gate on the 5th June 2010. With the noted absence of Rachael due to the birth of her twins ;is the event as much a success with only one of the power ladies on the day. Regadles of this fact the woman of fountain gate stayed the 45min presentation and lined up eagerly afterwards to have their books signed by Kim .

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