Friday, June 25, 2010

Tim burton in melbourne

The Tim Burton exhibition on at acmi in Melbourne from june the 24th-7th of oct .Ticket prices full $19 Concession $14Family $55 (2 adults, 3 children) Each extra child $10Melbourne Winter Masterpieces joint ticket:Tim Burton (ACMI)/European Masters (NGV)Full $34 Concession $26.

The moment you step up to acmi you know you are in for a feast of visual amazement and a delectable taste inside burtons mind. Outside you are greeted by videos in red domes and a giant snake like creature, inside is the epic bat mobile .
The entrance into the exhibition if you dare is a monster mouth that will devour you down into the belly of Tim Burton. Even if your not inspired by the dark side or gothic delights in your everyday life you will be in awe of the detailed colorful artworks of Tim Burton .If your thinking about visiting the exhibition then don’t think twice as you wont be disappointed.Not only is the visual display impressive but the size and layout of the show. On display are many sculptures, paintings, drawings sketches, personal hand written notes and snippets of movies. Talk a walk through the black light environment of illusions. As you walk though the black light environment there are small holes to peep through to see art works and in the middle a nightmarish carrousel that is creepily intriguing.

If all this creativity inspires you or you have taken the little ones along you will find at the end of the exhibition is a colorful darkly light playroom with chairs and tables to sit down and draw your own inspired artworks. The Tim Burton exhibition has a huge amount of works to see and read and one could get lost in there for many hours or quite easily, go back more than once to see. It was great to see the corpse bride up close, and see catwoman’s suite that looks quite different to what you see on screen. As you leave the exhibition it will defiantly leave you feeling visually satisfied and also great value on the hip pockets.

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