Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prometheus 3D
length 124 mins

The cast

Noomi Rapace  a scientist named " Elizabeth Shaw" on the expidition to the Alien world.

Michael "David", a robot synthetic (a main character) on board the Prometheus

Charlize  "Vickers" in Prometheus, a company rep joining the team.
Michael Fassbender ... David
Charlize Theron ... Meredith Vickers
Noomi Rapace ... Elizabeth Shaw
Patrick Wilson ... Cocooned man
Idris Elba ... Captain Janek
Guy Pearce ... Stannison
Rafe Spall ... Milburn
Logan Marshall-Green ... Holloway
Rutina Wesley ... Lara
Sean Harris ... Fifield
Emun Elliott ... Chance
Kate Dickie ... Imora
Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik ... Mercenary 2 Vladimir
Benedict Wong ... Ravel
James Embree ... Mechanic 1
Lucy Hutchinson ... Young Elizabeth Shaw (uncredited)
Florian Robin ... Mechanic 2 (uncredited)
Shane Steyn ... Mercenary 4 Taplow (uncredited)

Prometheus in 3d was brilliant. The film started from the beginning and when you see the movie you will know what I mean by the beginning , without trying to give too much away about plot line.

Crashing waterfalls and sweeping camera angles over a raging river as we are taken up stream and to the top of a waterfall .Be prepared for what you will see at the top.

Going to the scene in the cave we see them discover the drawings that will take them to stars. Prometheus takes them to see the wonders of the universe  to find this place . They travel for 2 years in those pod things of course and are finally awoken when at their destination.

There were many moments that reminded me of Aliens and other sci fi movies .You may or may not agree when you see the movie but films such as were Star trek, Fifth element (costume design) and Avatar. There are some moments that are almost replicated in this prequel from Aliens. We see how the Aliens were created and why they were created .The movie was very fast paced and if you are quick you will pick up very quickly who is on board that ship and why .

This movie has plenty of action and some great gory Alien scenes that will satisfy most . It certainly had me peering through my fingers . Of course there are some questions that arise from being a prequel that happens when advances are made in film making .That the prequel technology in the film ends up looking more advanced and should in fact be less advanced . I think they get around this fact, that the ship Prometheus is is financed by a very wealthy benefactor and is a ship for exploration . In Aliens it is set on a mining station so would not be needing the same technology.

Prometheus is a film that is not just about the destination but the journey not only for the viewers but those on board the Prometheus .

I give Prometheus 9/10

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