Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert Melbourne 28th

Lady Gaga Concert 28th June 2012

Thursady was not as hard as wed night gig to get a ticket into the Monster pit if you got there by at least mid afternoon. We arrived midday and there was around 200 people there . It then took till around 4.30 before they got to the 450 number allowed in the pit . People were  in rows of 90. When it came time to enter the venue they were allowed in each row at a time into one long line that would go then into the monster pit . In this moment some people did end up further back the line. The pit was brilliant and not overcrowded at all . Lady Gaga was amazing onstage and no mishaps at all. Lady Gaga picked a group of  happy people dancing with much enthusiasm from the crowd to see her backstage .Some of the people had been following her Australian tour and had seen her already many times, but they helped other monsters get to see her so it would of been a great moment for all .

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