Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oz Comic con melbourne 2012

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2012

Oz comic cons doors opened at 9am and with it a surge of fans were eagerly entering after waiting in a long line that snaked its way around the Melbourne Exhibition venue all the way down to the Pollywoodside. Once inside people would line up to purchase their tokens that would enable them to get a photo or autograph with Stan lee or one of the many other stars that were at Oz comic con this weekend. Such was the demand for a photo with Stan lee and Patrick Stewart that they sold out by 9.30am and even those with VIP passes missed out on photo opps .

One lady with her young family in hand that we interviewed had spent 22 hours on the train non stop to meet her Idol Stan lee. She purchased a VIP ticket worth $150 and was heartbroken to of missed out on getting the photo opp with Stan lee . A VIP ticket holder enables the user to be able to stand in a smaller line than gen ticket holders , Platinum holders the one above VIP who have spent $600 for the privilege get to be in front of the VIP holders.

It was reported that doors Saturday were shut by 10am and 11am Sunday due to the venue reaching full capacity and being unsafe for further customers to enter. Leaving customers with pre purchased tickets unable to enter.

Stan lee was a hit with adoring fans and received a standing ovation after his question time .Stan lee fell over when leaving the stage after his talk ,but still went on to sign Autographs for 3hours non stop for fans.

It was a Delight at Oz comic con to see everyone’s costumes ,that they had spent lots of money and time putting together .Thank you to everyone in costume for your time and efforts that made it such a colourful and visual experience.

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