Monday, April 23, 2012

Supanova 2012 Melbourne

Supanova 2012 Melbourne

Supanova attracts people of all ages and interests in pop culture.

They come for the Costumes , the Q and A’s with their favourite star ,and to get a photo or Autograph with their favourite celebrity.Find out updates on new games movies tv shows and all things geek.

Many people who are new to conventions love to see all the costumes that

people wear to these events , and really its these people that help make

supanova just as fun as the planned events from supanova. Allot of the time when people see everyone dressed up in costume they to want to come back next year and do the same.

I have noticed some changes that have been made to the queuing system from last year, but I’m not really sure if it did help , I think when you have thousands of people coming to see some very popular stars it creates long ques and probly not much can be done to avoid them .

One of the long delays for the day was waiting for photos to be printed and picked up. With 3-4 printers going at a time but 1 breaking down there was still delays of up to 3 hours that people were waiting to get their photo. I think they have tried to make improvements from last year taking in peoples feedback from last year. I will be interested to see what ideas they come up with next year to avoid this problem again . Of course getting there early and getting your autograph and photos early there was no problems . So my advice would be to get those photos at 10am if you can.

I got to meet all the stars and I did not have a negative experience with anyone . Some times a few stars are a bit short with their fans and don’t talk or look at them much ,but this year I did not find that at all. I got to interview , Chandler riggs from “The walking dead”, Christopher Kirby from “Iron Sky “ Rainbow Francks from “Stargate” and “Cliff simon from “Stargate “

.You can find videos of them here on this page or at this link .

I asked Peter facinelli if he would of liked his vampire Character in Twilight to of been a bit more of a bad boy vampire such as on the TV show "Tru Blood" and his response was that he had never seen tru blood so couldn’t answer that .

 Chandler riggs
 Rainbow Francks
 Cliff simon
 Peter Facinilli
 Wil Wheaton

 The weasly twins James and Oliver Phelps

Christopher Kirby

During the day a  conga dance line started  ,people had photo shoots with their cosplay friends and they  opend their wallets at the many stands there .I cant wait to see what next year brings when Supanova comes to melbourne again in 2013.

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