Friday, May 10, 2013

Ricky martin at Southland westfield melbourne 11/5/2013

Today Ricky Martin was at Southland from 12-2.10pm in Melbourne
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He was on time and so very happy to greet all his fans.

One of the first people to be in the line about number 10 got there at 6am in the morning to get the privilege of prime position and guaranteed autograph and photo with Ricky martin.


The system was ,400 wristbands given out and after that it was just if Ricky was able to stay longer he would meet people who did not have a wristband. From what I had heard Ricky had more commitments so he needed to be at so probably wouldn’t be able to go over time by to much.

He  did commit to seeing everyone who had a wristband .This system was to avoid arguments and problems in the crowd with queue jumpers , at these types of events it’s a regular accordance for people to jump queues  and its just not fair if someone made the effort to get there at 6am in the morning and they turn up at 11am.This is one of the first times I have come across an event like this with a number system and I think it should be done more often .

This still didn’t stop many people making up stories about losing wristbands of getting there early but no one ever gave them a wristband. Police where there also to help and there were no major scuffles only a few stubborn young girls who would leave when they were asked to go to the back of the queue when they pushed in .


So back to Ricky Martin.

He was a Gentleman to every fan that he meet and touched smiled and shook hands with many .He looked fine and fresh considering he only just got of the plane from Sydney around 9am .

Ricky did a small q and a before he signed .He also took the time to sign autographs for disabled people who had been waiting there to see him patiently.

He may tour later this year Melbourne oct nov.


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