Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nichelle Nichols and Erin grey in melbourne

Today in Melbourne was a typical day in some ways. The sun was shining one minute then rain then sun then who knows? It may have been typical weather for Melbourne, but it was not a typical day for Melbourne for  being graced with the presence of two lovely ladies of Sci fi Erin grey and Nichelle Nichols.
They were in Melbourne this weekend for a convention run by First contact conventions .They greeted their eager fans and took photos with them and signed autographs. Nichelle Nichols whilst taking photos with her fans greeted everyone with a smile and shook their hands.
Nichelle Nichols was a delight onstage and even burst into song near the end of her Q&A , much to the delight of everyone ,ending with much applause.
Nichelle Nichols spoke about meeting Obama and how big a star trek fan he is .
I also whilst getting my autograph asked her about the lovely necklace she was wearing on the day. She told me she was signing autographs one day at a convention and she asked a fan who was wearing it where did she get it . She was told it was a one of as she had made it herself. She then the next day was presented it as a gift left to her by this fan to her room delivered. I asked nichelle how long ago and she said about 10 years ago .Now this necklace is quite special to her and a few fans and I were talking about if she only wears it to conventions and it seems she does ,but she also wore it when she meet Obama.  So dear fan who made the necklace if you read this feel free to message me and tell me your story to the necklace I would love to hear it .

Erin grey was also a delight on stage full of whit and character and gave a delightful story about how she got the role in buck rogers . She was tiered and in need of a good dump ,in her own words !and this made her more cranky than the other lovely ladies on the day , but being told this is what the producers were after and thus helped her win the role .
So that being said, both ladies told a story of be yourself and you will succeed. With that said they were fun to be around for a day in Melbourne at the ladies of sci fi convention.

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