Friday, August 26, 2011

A fans Guide to Surviving a red carpet

Fan survival guide to the red carpet.

The Glamour of the red carpet is exciting and thrilling especially when it’s an opportunity for any fan to get up close and personal to see their favorite star they have always admired.
So what can you except from a red carpet event when going as a fan?

Most red carpets start at 6.30pm ,the main stars will walk at this time and the attendee stars will generally come first . The main stars of the night will be on the carpet for aprox 1 hour depending on size of venue ,and amount of fans .

When the star starts to walk down the carpet they will sign autographs and some may pose for photographs with fans, if you didn’t get a good photo they will not turn back nor will they if you missed out on an autograph. They may go up one side and then back again the other as they walk by again then they may stop ,but they will not go back and forth once they have walked past your area.
They will then go through to the media area where they will pose for photos and a few interviews. They then generally go into the cinema and introduce the movie where they will then leave the venue.
Depending on the celebrity star power will depend on what you can expect from your red carpet experience. If the celebrity is a teen idol or mass appeal such as lady gaga, you cannot be certain that you will get a photo/autograph even if you have waited up the front for 10 hours.
If the celebrity is not of a wider audience then you can be more confident that if you get there early and up the front your more likely to get an autograph/photo with them .You will know for each event what to expect when you keep this in mind. Most of the time if it’s a local movie or smaller stars attending you will have a more pleasurable experience.

Make your red carpet experience better.

1. Take water/food
2. Don’t drink to much or you will be needing to go to much
3. Take your own entertainment while waiting books/nitendos
4. Take something to sign and a Texta
5. Take 1 or 2 cameras with charged batteries, check your camera for best fast setting
6. Take a buddy for toilet breaks to keep your spot
7. Get a spot up the front near the media area, if not there then front anywhere
8. Be nice to those around you, you may be there a while don’t push and shove
9. Have your item ready to sign and camera don’t be shy or you may miss out
10. Mothers who take children, keep in mind your child may be pushed away, crushed or come away disappointed keep this in mind when making the choice to attend
11. Don’t stand near a gap in the barriers, security will stand there and block your view
12. Wear ear plugs if it’s a teen idol the noise can be deafening
13. Get there early for a teen idol if you want front barrier no later than 1pm if you want to be sure
14. Get there early no later than 4.30 for most red carpets If the event is small then at least an hour early is ok

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