Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kate Mulgew and Tim Russ Melbourne

20/8/2011First Contact conventions

Saturday August 20th8.30am - VIP Doors

Open 9.00am - General Entry doors open9.30am

- Official Welcome with Rumours & Gossip10.05am - Photo Session10.30am - Auction11.30am - Leonard Nimoy Live via Skype12.00pm - Lunch Break (with screening on main screen)1.00pm - Tim Russ Live on Stage2.00pm - Auction Part 22.30pm - Kate Mulgrew on stage for a live Q&A Session3.30pm - Official Thank You followed by Autograph session

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Kate Mulgrew was in Melbourne on the weekend along with Tim Russ. Leonard Nimroy also made an appearance live via skype .

Leonard Nimroy was live via skype and answered aprox 5 questions from the Audience. He was asked if he has ever had a request to appear on the big bang theory. He said he had been but declined the offer.Nimroy after Dragon con will no longer be making any more convention appearances .He wont be coming to Australia so it was a great opportunity to see him via Skype .He has been to Australia but so long ago he couldn’t remember when .He spoke about his photography and his new photography collection photographing ones inner self. He asked people to come dressed as their secret self; the results were surprising and can be seen on his web page at the link above. Audience members also had the opportunity to put an order in for an Autograph.

Kate Mulgrew on stage was amazing and a true lady . Her words were poetic and inspiring. She spoke about working on the set of Voyager and how demanding the time was yet she felt it was rewarding .As much as she loved her 2 sons and spending time with them she couldn’t be a stay at home mother and felt it was a positive experience to be a part of star trek voyager .She had no idea of what to except from becoming an icon in the world of star trek, yet she has come to appreciate what she has become a part of and liked the message that came from voyager star trek, that we are all lost and want to belong and believe that unites the fans in some aspect .She spoke about Alzheimer’s , the disease had a hold of her mother who passed away in 2006. She strives to help raise awareness to fund for it.

Kate Mulgrew asked the audience who believed in the lord Jesus as a personal question of interest for herself. I understand America is more in touch with their faith than Australia so this question left the audience a bit silent, yet hands were still displayed.Tim Russ came out at the end of her talk and there was some fun joking banter between them that had the Audience laughing, they were a delight to see together.

Kate Mulgrew was great onstage and very entertaining, she was a true gem. While having photos with fans and autographs she was bright and talkative , anyone who would be considering a convention with her would not be disappointed with her lovely friendly personality.

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