Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angelica Pirates of the caribbean costume cosplay

Angelica costume2011 ArmageddonWig from $95Corset base $18Corset fabric added Fake leather from spotlight $22 m bought 10cm cost approx $2.50gold trims$5 $2Boots on special from target so cant get them anymore $20My own black leggings $10Earring hand made from beads I already had $1Necklace ebay $10 waist coat ,made from angelica costume ran out of time to buy fabric online and had this anyway so cut the waistcoat up and added trims buttons and leather ties all from spotlightLeather ties $3Buttons $3Trim $6Waistcoat ? as came in pack aprox $20White peasant shirtCheesecloth fabric from spotlight Bought 2 m $16Handmade sword from modeling clay and cardboardTotal costGold trims bought from spotlight 2 different types then sewn on to look like the Angelica trim . As its near Christmas lots of gold trims were in that are not normally in .I wanted the brassy gold rather than yellow gold so was a bit harder for me to find the trims.I sewed the trims onto a piece of fake leather fabric that was to cover the front and attach with Velcro.. I then cut strips and sewed them to the clasp area of corset and waist area ,once it is worn the strips tighten . To put the gold trim in the middle I used stick on Velcro . No it wont last but it can be replaced each time worn .I found this an easy and simple way to make her corset only took me about an Hour.Total cost $208But this can be less with a cheaper wig $93 minus wig

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