Monday, October 17, 2011

The making of my Dr who Ood costume

We all love a good monster costume to put a bit of terror into out hearts and minds. Who as a kid didn’t at least once creep up behind someone and say boo. Us big kids still love to dress up too and sometimes just whatever takes our fancy at the time.

I know there is some extreme costumer's out there that have their costumes exactly right down to the last thread and the brand of buttons used in the costume replica ,but I don’t always have the funds or time to do this but I still like to at least attempt a costume to the best of my ability.

When choosing an outfit, I like to go for something I know I can sew or buy, fabric that is already available to buy in stores always makes it easier.Of course I like to do something different that’s not to common.

My ood costume.
I’m sure there may be other options for materials out there and some better, but this is what I did to make my costume for those who want to know.

I bought my mask from dream weaver masks in Australia qld $120

I made my suite from fabric bought from spotlight grey cotton drill 7.95 a metre , I bought 3 metres. total cost $23.85
For a pattern I used my own clothes and adapted the pattern, this saved me about $20 on buying a pattern. I used a cd cover for the pattern for the pocket.
I bought a glow light from ebay $4.

Gloves my own I already can be found anywhere
Boots I already had ,and nice tall ones for more effect .
The 2 easiest items anyone would be able to get.

The cord (for odd comunicator )was a $1 from a craft shop.
Total cost $148.85

Time to make mask entire costume ,,, aprox 3 weeks in my spare time , hours would be about 3-4 hours

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