Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I got to meet the Queen in melbourne 2011

The Queen came to Melbourne today for about 4 hours .She arrived at the airport at 11am and the went straight to the Royal children’s hospital to open it. Then onto Ian potter and Federation square at 12.30 Pm today 26/10/2011 .
She wore a beautiful pink suit and made her way down the red carpet accepting flowers from children that lined the red carpet. She happily smiled and spoke to the children and made eye contact with everyone.
I have been to a few red carpets and the Hollywood superstars should take a hint on how to treat those who have lined up for hours to see them.
Apparently 7 women ranging from 30 to 70 needed paramedic help in the hot sun, but they were ok afterwards.
When she came past me she even stopped and let me take a photo and nodded as I said welcome to Melbourne.
The she made her was down to the train and onto lunch.
After I left I suddenly was overwhelmed with the crowds and couldn’t believe the amount of people who were everywhere and on every corner surrounding fed square. They wouldn’t of had a chance to see her as she made her way onto the tram in the opposite direction to the crowds.
there was no Ocupy melbourne people to be seen and only a group of young girls dresssed up in cosplay and clowns singing and making alot of noise.
Certainly today was a moment to remember and one that will not be repented unless by another member of the royal family in the distant future.

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